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J & A Growers are growing in excess of 13 million plants annually, including a contract grown production of 3 million. All plants are grown from seed and are predominantly 1yr seedlings with the balance being 2yr undercuts.‚Äč

There is currently 90 acres of land farmed, as well as an option to grow on neighbouring fields. This allows flexibility and the ability to rotate and rest land as required. This finest Warwickshire soil is an alluvial sandy silt loam over gravel.

Seeds are sown in the spring into beds with five 25cm spaced rows. This is done using specialist drills which cater for the wide variation in seed shapes and sizes. The precise spacing allows weed control between the rows of trees, using tractor mounted optical steering to guide machines at speed. This is a very labour efficient system compared to traditional machines steered by a second person and travelling at much slower speeds.

Stand pipe irrigation is evenly spaced between the crops and allows full control of watering, applied as required through the growing cycle. One major benefit offered by this system is the ability to undercut the roots at the perfect timing rather than waiting for adequate rainfall. This process severs the main roots which then encourages the production of new roots immediately below the soil which are needed to ensure successful planting in the wider environment.

Nursery visits from existing and prospective customers are welcomed with prior arrangement. This is often best done towards the end of the growing season, once the trees are nearing the end of the summer growth.

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