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Trees are harvested in the winter months using two single row harvesters (Egedal Liftmasters) which bundle the trees and tie with string. There bundles are immediately stacked into potato boxes which are towed behind on purpose built, spin-top trailers. This operation is very slick and each harvester has an output capacity up to 250,000 plants per day in ideal conditions. One of the tractors now has tracked wheels which reduces compaction and allows more harvesting days through the winter period. 

Trees are graded in a purpose built grading shed where the plants are graded for quality and sorted by size, before being tied into bundles. The trees are then ready for either quick despatch or go into refrigerated cold stores for long term storage.

J & A Growers has the ability to store up to 4 million plants in modern high humidity cold stores, totalling 2,700 cubic metres. The cold stores run at 2 degrees C and 98% humidity, which keeps root hairs moist at all times. This facility allows plants to be held in a dormant state for late season planting.


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